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2020 CMS Virtual Seminar Series

The CMS Virtual Seminar Series is organized by Dr. Jemma Davidson. Please email Dr. Davidson to recommend speakers or to volunteer for upcoming speaker opportunities.
Talks take place every other Tuesday at 12 pm AZ time via Zoom. 

08/11: Steve Desch, SESE
Topic: The short-lived radionuclides were inherited from our molecular cloud
08/25: Dr. Nan Liu, Washington University
Topic: Presolar Grains
09/08: Round Table Discussion
Topic: Publishing in Science: Ethics and Etiquette
09/22: Dr. David Trang, University of Hawai'i at Mānoa
Modeling the degree of space weathering on the surfaces of the Moon, Mercury, and Bennu
10/06: Dr. Maitrayee Bose, SESE, ASU
Topic: Presolar grains
07/28: Amanda Ostwald, University of Nevada Las Vegas
Topic: The nakhlite and chassignite connection, and implications for martian magmatic diversity
07/14: Dr. Roger Fu, Harvard University
Understanding magnetism in the protoplanetary disk with high-resolution paleomagnetism
07/07: Dr. Tim Gregory, British Geologic Survey/University of Bristol
Primordial formation of major silicates in a protoplanetary disc with homogeneous 26Al/27Al
06/23: Dr. Alice Stephant, The Open University
Water in the Moon
06/16: Dr. Steve Desch, SESE, ASU
A unified model for hydrogen in the Earth and Moon: No one expects the Theia contribution

06/09: Dr. Amy Jurewicz, CMS, ASU

Synergy of cosmochemistry and solar physics: The Genesis solar wind sample return mission

06/02: Dr. Lydia Hallis, University of Glasgow

Organics in martian meteorites

05/26: Dr. Luke Daly, University of Glasgow
Shock-facilitated aqueous alteration and evidence for two shock events in the Martian nakhlite meteorites
05/19: Dr. Emilie Dunham, University of California Los Angeles
ANSMET field season 2019-2020 recap
05/12: Dr. Michelle Thompson, Purdue University
Space weathering of astromaterials 
05/05: Dr. Ming-Chang Liu, University of California Los Angeles
Aluminum-26 chronology of dust coagulation and early Solar System evolution
04/28: Dr. Axel Wittmann, SESE, ASU
Products of shock metamorphism in planetary materials
04/21: Dr. Arya Udry, University of Nevada Las Vegas
Martian meteorites as windows to the martian interior and the need for returned samples
04/14: Dr. Ashley King, Open University, UK
Are CY chondrites samples of the outer solar system?
04/07: Dr. Thijs van Soest, SESE, ASU
UV laser ablation 40Ar/39Ar Systematics of Chelyabinsk and Mbale meteorites: Potential implications for the interpretation of step heating 40Ar/39Ar data from shocked meteorites