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2020 CMS Virtual Meeting Talks

04/07: Thijs van Soest, SESE
UV laser ablation 40Ar/39Ar Systematics of Chelyabinsk and Mbale meteorites: Potential implications for the interpretation of step heating 40Ar/39Ar data from shocked meteorites
04/14: Ashley King, Open University, UK
Are CY chondrites samples of the outer solar system?
04/21: Arya Udry, University of Nevada Las Vegas
Martian meteorites as windows to the martian interior and the need for returned samples
04/28: Axel Wittmann, SESE
Products of shock metamorphism in planetary materials
05/05: Ming-Chang Liu, University of California Los Angeles
Aluminum-26 chronology of dust coagulation and early Solar System evolution
05/12: Michelle Thompson, Purdue University
Space weathering of astromaterials 
05/19: Emilie Dunham, SESE
ANSMET field season 2019-2020 recap
05/26: Luke Daly, University of Glasgow
Shock-facilitated aqueous alteration and evidence for two shock events in the Martian nakhlite meteorites
06/02: Lydia Hallis, University of Glasgow
Organics in martian meteorites
06/09: Amy Jurewicz, CMS
Synergy of cosmochemistry and solar physics: The Genesis solar wind sample return mission
06/16: Steve Desch, SESE
A unified model for hydrogen in the Earth and Moon: No one expects the Theia contribution
06/23: Alice Stephant, The Open University
Water in the Moon
Zachary Torrano Ph.D. defense.
07/07: Tim Gregory, British Geologic Survey/University of Bristol
Primordial formation of major silicates in a protoplanetary disc with homogeneous 26Al/27Al



Jemma Davidson, CMS
Volatiles in martian Shergottites: A brief history and recent developments