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Buseck Center for Meteorite Studies

BCMS Seminar Series

The BCMS Seminar Series are presented in hybrid mode, both on ASU campus and via zoom. Talks take place every other Wednesday at 12 pm AZ time. Below is our current schedule of each speaker for the semester and the list of our previously held talks. 
Spring 2024
28 Feb: Dr. Imene Kerraouch, Arizona State University
Journey to the Center of the CM Parent Body: A Comparison with Asteroid (101955) Bennu’s Surface Composition
20 Mar: LPSC roundup
Did you see an interesting talk/poster at LPSC 2024? Come tell us about it!
3 Apr: Dr. Brittany Cymes, Jacobs, NASA Johnson Space Center
Micrometeoroid Impacts on the Moon: Some Shocking Revelations
17 Apr: Catherine A. Dukes, University of Virginia (Laboratory for Astrophysics and Surface Physics)
Space Weathering by Solar Ions in Meteorites and Asteroids
Spring 2024
17 Jan: Dr. Christian Hoover, Arizona State University
The importance of the physical properties of Astro-Materials, Implications for Planetary Defense
31 Jan: Zoë Wilbur, University of Arizona 
All about aubrites: The effects of highly reduced magmatism
14 Feb: Dr. Jan Render, Lawrence-Livermore National Laboratory
Reconstructing the early Solar System – Using isotopic signatures to trace protoplanetary disk formation & evolution
Fall 2023
19 Sep: Dr. Mélanie Barboni, Arizona State University
HED Zircons as a Window into the Solar System’s First Crust.
03 Oct: Dr. Timothy Glotch, Stony Brook University
Correlated micro- and nano-scale analyses of carbonaceous chondrites and samples from the asteroid Ryugu.
17 Oct: Dr. Kate Burgess, US Naval Research Laboratory
Space Weathering on Asteroids and other Airless Bodies
31 Oct: Dr. Chris Herd, University of Alberta
Finding the Source Craters of the Martian Meteorites
14 Nov: Dr. Carolyn Crow, University of Colorado at Boulder
What’s my age again? Adventures in Dating Lunar and Terrestrial Impact Events
28 Nov: Dr. Shaunna Morrison, Carnegie Institution
Harnessing the complexity of minerals: Data-driven exploration of evolving Earth and planetary systems.
Spring 2023
04/05/23: Dr. Megan Newcombe, University of Maryland
Efficient degassing of early-formed planetesimals restricted water delivery to Earth.
04/19/23: Mara Karageozian, Arizona State University
03/22/23: LPSC round-up panel discussion
Did you see an interesting talk/poster at LPSC 2023? Come tell us about it!
02/22/23: Dr. Alice Stephant, National Institute of Astrophysics, Rome
Tissemouminites: A new group of primitive achondrites.
02/08/23: Dr. Bidong Zhang, University of California Los Angeles
Compositions of asteroidal cores in the early Solar System.
01/25/23: Dr. Devin Schrader, BCMS
History of the IIAB iron meteorites from their inclusions.
01/11/23: LPSC abstract discussion
If you’ve submitted an abstract to LPSC 2023, we want to hear about it! Bring a two minute pitch and be prepared to be excited by all the fun meteorite research happening in SESE.
Fall 2022
11/30/22: Dr. Noriko Kita, University of Wisconsin
Migration of solids in the early protoplanetary disk: Evidence from chondrule O isotopes and Al-Mg chronology.
11/16/22: Dr. Sheri Singerling, Virginia Tech
Metal-sulfide assemblages in CR chondrites.
11/02/22: Dr. My Riebe, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Flash-heating experiments to simulate effects of atmospheric entry on IDPs.
10/05/22: Dr. Pierre Haenecour, University of Arizona
Simulations of Dust Thermal Processing in Space Inside of an Electron Microscope.
10/19/22: Dr. Jay Farihi, University College London, UK
Pandemonium in the Planetary Graveyard.
09/21/22: Dr. Steve Desch, SESE, ASU
If the solar nebula always had 26Al, how did PLACs form without it?
09/07/22: MetSoc round-up group discussion
Spring 2022
05/04/22: Dr. Amy Jurewicz, BCMS, ASU
Topic: Space weathering of Genesis samples. 
04/20/22: John Christoph, SESE, ASU
Topic: Space weathering.
04/06/22: Dr. Romy Hanna, UT Austin
Topic: Fine-grained rims in CM chondrites.
03/23/22: LPSC round-up
02/09/22: Dr. Ashley King, Natural History Museum London, UK
Topic: CM chondrites.
01/26/22: Dr. Tom Sharp, SESE, ASU
Topic: Formation, preservation and destruction of high-pressure minerals in shocked meteorites: P-T paths and shock classification.
Fall 2021
12/01/21: Dr. Julia Cartwright, University of Alabama
Topic: Applications of atom probe tomography to meteorites
11/17/21: Dr. Clara Maurel, MIT (Nininger Meteorite Award Talk)
Topic: Meteorite evidence for partial differentiation and protracted accretion of planetesimals
11/03/21: Dr. Martin Suttle, Open University, UK
Topic: The Yamato-type (CY) chondrites, accretionary processes, alteration history and their relationship to other chondrite groups 
10/27/21: Dr. Henner Busemann, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Topic: Noble gases in primitive chondrites, their carriers and the effects of parent body processing
10/06/21: Dr. Scott Waitukaitis, Institute of Science and Technology, Austria
Topic: Rabbits, dust devils, volcanoes, planets: Mysteries and consequences of granular tribocharging
09/29/21: Dr. Devin Schrader, CMS, ASU
Topic: The Renazzo-like (CR) chondrites: A window into the early Solar System
09/08/21: Dr. Chris McDonald, SESE, ASU
Topic: NWA 7034: A 40Ar/39Ar ultraviolet laser ablation microprobe study and implication for the evolution of the martian regolith
08/25/21: Dara Laczniak, Purdue University, USA
Topic: Understanding the evolution of airless body surfaces through laboratory simulations of space weathering
Spring 2021
05/18/21: Dr. Laurence Garvie, CMS, ASU
Topic: To be confirmed. 
05/04/21: Dr. Queenie Chan, Royal Holloway, University of London, UK
Topic: Extraterrestrial organics
04/20/21: Dr. Jess Barnes, University of Arizona, USA
Topic: Lunar volatiles
04/13/21: Dr. Ryan Ogliore, Washington University St Louis, USA
Topic: Cosmic symplectite recorded irradiation by nearby massive stars in the Solar System’s parent molecular cloud
04/06/21: Dr. Aki Takigawa, University of Tokyo, Japan
Topic: Laboratory experiments to create GEMS-like aggregates.
03/23/21: Post-LPSC round up
Topic: Discussion of virtual LPSC 2021
03/09/21: Dr. Steve Desch, SESE, ASU
Topic: To be confirmed
OFF SCHEDULE 03/04/21: Dr. Myriam Telus, University of California Santa Cruz, USA
Topic: Meteorites as analogs for planetesimals in extrasolar systems
02/23/21: Dr. Jim Lyons, SESE, ASU
Topic: To be confirmed
02/09/21: Dr. Yves Marrocchi, CRPG-CRNS, Nancy, France
Topic: Timescales and conditions of formation of the first solids of the solar system
01/26/21: Dr. Prajkta Mane, Lunar and Planetary Institute, Texas, USA
Topic: Isotopic and microstructure analysis of CAIs
Fall 2020
12/01/20: Round Table Discussion
Topic: Writing a good proposal
11/17/20: Dr. Peng Ni, Carnegie Institution of Washington
Topic: Heavy iron isotope composition of iron meteorites explained by core crystallization
11/03/20: Dr. Julie Castillo-Rogez, NASA Jet Propulsion Lab
Future exploration of dwarf planet Ceres, an astrobiological target discovered by the Dawn mission
10/20/20: Dr David Trang, Univeristy of Hawai’i at Mānoa
Modeling the degree of space weathering on the surfaces of the Moon, Mercury, and Bennu
10/06/20: Dr. Maitrayee Bose, SESE, ASU
Nucleosynthesis and Mixing Processes in Stellar Explosions through Stardust Investigations
09/22/20: Round Table Discussion
Publishing in Science: Ethics and Etiquette Part II
09/08/20: Round Table Discussion
Publishing in Science: Ethics and Etiquette Part I
08/25/20: Dr. Nan Liu, Washington University
AGB stars and their dust grains in the Solar System
Spring and Summer 2020
08/11/20: Dr. Steve Desch, SESE
The short-lived radionuclides were inherited from our molecular cloud
07/28/20: Amanda Ostwald, University of Nevada Las Vegas
The nakhlite and chassignite connection, and implications for martian magmatic diversity
07/14/20: Dr. Roger Fu, Harvard University
Understanding magnetism in the protoplanetary disk with high-resolution paleomagnetism
07/07/20: Dr. Tim Gregory, British Geologic Survey/University of Bristol
Primordial formation of major silicates in a protoplanetary disc with homogeneous 26Al/27Al
06/23/20: Dr. Alice Stephant, The Open University
Water in the Moon
06/16/20: Dr. Steve Desch, SESE, ASU
A unified model for hydrogen in the Earth and Moon: No one expects the Theia contribution
06/09/20: Dr. Amy Jurewicz, CMS, ASU
Synergy of cosmochemistry and solar physics: The Genesis solar wind sample return mission
06/02/20: Dr. Lydia Hallis, University of Glasgow
Organics in martian meteorites
05/26/20: Dr. Luke Daly, University of Glasgow
Shock-facilitated aqueous alteration and evidence for two shock events in the Martian nakhlite meteorites
05/19/20: Dr. Emilie Dunham, University of California Los Angeles
ANSMET field season 2019-2020 recap
05/12/20: Dr. Michelle Thompson, Purdue University
Space weathering of astromaterials 
05/05/20: Dr. Ming-Chang Liu, University of California Los Angeles
Aluminum-26 chronology of dust coagulation and early Solar System evolution
04/28/20: Dr. Axel Wittmann, SESE, ASU
Topic: Products of shock metamorphism in planetary materials
04/21/20: Dr. Arya Udry, University of Nevada Las Vegas, USA
Topic: Martian meteorites as windows to the martian interior and the need for returned samples
04/14/20: Dr. Ashley King, Open University, UK
Topic: Are CY chondrites samples of the outer Solar System?
04/07/20: Dr. Thijs van Soest, SESE, ASU
Topic: UV laser ablation 40Ar/39Ar systematics of Chelyabinsk and Mbale meteorites: Potential implications for the interpretation of step heating 40Ar/39Ar data from shocked meteorites