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Buseck Center for Meteorite Studies

External exhibits

We’re dedicated to making meteorites from the Carleton B. Moore meteorite collection accessible to the local and international public and science communities.
To this end, we often loan meteorites from our collection for display to educational institutions across the country and around the world.
Check the exhibit list below to find out if some of the Carleton B. Moore collection meteorites are on display near you!

Arizona Museum of Natural History
53 N. Macdonald
Mesa, AZ 85201
On Exhibit: Origins of meteorites.

Meteor Crater
Interstate 40, Exit 233
Winslow, AZ 86047
On exhibit: Interactive display of Solar System history, and formation of Meteor Crater by the Canyon Diablo meteorite.  See the Visitor Center Overview for more information.

Montshire Museum of Science
One Montshire Road
Norwich, VT
 On exhibit: Guided hands-on meteorite activities.

Verde Valley Archaeology Center
385 S Main St
Camp Verde, AZ

On exhibit: Space Rocks! The Camp Verde and other Sinagua Meteorites