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Hands-on activities

Impact Craters

impactcraterGrades: 4-12
Impact craters are formed when impactors such as meteorites smash into the Moon's surface. Explore the many factors that affect the appearance of impact craters include the size and velocity of the impactor and the geology of the surface.





Collecting Micrometeorites

Grades: K-12

Find out where to look and how to collect tiny micrometeorites that fall to Earth and accumulate in your backyard.


Lunar Impact Crater Geology and Structure

mooncratersBasic information and diagrams on meteors, meteorites and the formation of impact craters.






 Making Impact Cratersmakingcraters

Basic crater-making activity with comparison of craters on the Earth, Moon, and Mars.


Planetary Geology
A Teacher's Guide with Activities in Physical and Earth Sciences

Guide and activity book published by NASA. Intended for grades 5 to college, and covers topics from impact cratering to planetary mapping. Each activity has separate instructor's notes and student work pages. Made available by the Ronald Greeley Center for Planetary Science.