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Buseck Center for Meteorite Studies

FAQ – impact craters

How big are impact craters?
The size of a meteorite impact crater is dependent on several variables, including the size and velocity of the impacting meteorite and the type of material impacted. For more information, please click here.  To model your own Earth impact, click here.
I think I've found an impact crater; whom should I inform?
Refer to the Earth Impact Database for a list of criteria necessary for identifying an impact structure, and to make sure it hasn’t already been identified.
Can I collect meteorites at Meteor Crater?
No. Refer to for information.
Where can I find maps of strewn fields so that I can search for meteorites?
An internet search can locate private vendors that offer strewn field maps. The academic literature (e.g., journals), accessed through your local college or university library, can also provide information on strewn fields in articles written about particular meteorite falls or finds. We do not guarantee the authenticity of information on third-party websites.