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Baxter is an L6 ordinary chondrite that fell in Stone County, Missouri. This 611 gram stone, reported to have struck a house in 1916, was purchased for the Nininger meteorite collection after it came to the attention of H.H. Nininger in 1938.

Nininger contacted his brother, who lived near the area in which the fall had been witnessed, and asked him to further investigate the circumstances of the meteorite fall. He learned that the meteorite had fallen around 9AM, on January 18th, 1916, and was heard and seen by J.W. Jackson, as it hit his house near the town of Baxter. The meteorite broke through the roof, hitting a log beam, and was found in the attic by the homeowners.

The circumstances of the fall were published in a local newspaper, and the Jacksons kept the meteorite until the late 1930s.

For more information: HH Nininger. 1938. The Baxter Meteorite. Science 87 (2254): 234.