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Bondoc is a mesosiderite found on the Bondoc Peninsula, Philippines, and obtained by H.H. Nininger in 1962.  Over 850 kg of the meteorite was recovered, 550 kg of which is now housed at the Center for Meteorite Studies.

Bondoc is an extremely unusual, heterogeneous, brecciated meteorite consisting of a silicate matrix of cumulate pyroxene with interstitial plagioclase and clasts of pyroxenite and dunite, together with metal nodules and minor troilite.

Rounded nodules of metal, up to tens of centimetres across, occur within the predominantly silicate matrix.  The metal consists  primarily of a polycrystalline aggregate of 3 to 4 mm sized equant grains of kamacite.  Minor taenite and schreibersite border the kamacite.  Especially intriguing is the presence of oxide-silicate-phosphate inclusions within the nodules, consisting of plagioclase, tridymite, whitlockite, chromite and pyroxene.