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Buseck Center for Meteorite Studies


Bouvante is a eucrite (monomict breccia) achondrite discovered by a French police officer on July 30th, 1978, while he and his family were picnicking. One 8.3 kg, black fusion-crusted meteorite was recovered from a 50-60 cm deep hole, and was the only specimen found.

The Bouvante meteorite has been featured on two different countries’ postage stamps. The first, issued by the Republic of Mali in 1999, depicts the eucrite with a Lesothosaurus dinosaur. The second, issued by the Republic of Niger in 2002, is one of a series of three meteorite-themed stamps. The other two meteorites represented are Krasnojarsk (anomalous pallasite) and Tamentit (iron, IIIAB).