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December's Meteorite of the Month is Claxton, an (L6) ordinary chondrite that fell in Evans County, Georgia, the evening of December 10th, 1984.

According to the Meteoritical Bulletin (MB 63):
A grapefruit sized stone, completely covered with thin black fusion crust, fell damaging a metal mail box and making a depression less than 30 cm (12 inches) in diameter in loose dirt. Two persons standing 36 m (39 yards) from where it landed and two others inside a mobile home about 20 m (65 feet) away reported a whistling sound followed by crash and a thud as the stone fell.
To date, 1,455 g (~ 3 lb) of the Claxton meteorite have been recovered.
In 2007, the mailbox struck by the Claxton meteorite was auctioned by Bonham's London with the following description:
While there have been hundreds of buildings and nearly two dozen cars struck by meteorites, there is only one mailbox known to have received an extraterrestrial special delivery.
Claxton mailbox
Staged photo showing original mailbox owner Carutha Barnard on far right and meteorite collector Hal Povenmire holding meteorite; the mailbox was actually torn from the wood post by the meteorite's impact.