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Hamlet is an ordinary (LL4) chondrite that fell the evening of October 13th, 1959, in Indiana.

According to the Meteoritical Bulletin (MB 17):

The meteorite struck a house, breaking off a piece of the gutter, and was found in the yard about 30 minutes after its fall. The stone has a conical shape; however, a piece broke off the apex before it was recovered and is still missing.

Four years later, the missing piece was found in a farm pasture approximately 0.4 km (~ 1/4 mile) from where the first stone was recovered (MB 34).  The two Hamlet stones had a combined mass of 3.71 kg (8.2 lb).

Read about the meteorite's reception in Hamlet, as told by a former resident of the town and recorded by the Starke County Historical Society!