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Buseck Center for Meteorite Studies

Korra Korrabes

November’s Meteorite of the Month is Korra Korrabes, an ordinary (H3) chondrite found in 1996, in Namaland, Namibia.
According to the Meteoritical Bulletin (MB 85):
A 22 kg stone plus 11 smaller pieces totaling ~18 kg were found in 1996 November in a dry river bed by a farmer who was searching for Gibeon irons. People searching with metal detectors recovered hundreds of additional buried, more weathered pieces within 50 m of the original material since 2000 November, bringing the total mass to ~120–130 kg. The largest specimen was used in a garden wall until 2000 August.
To date, 140 kg (308 lb) of Korra Korrabes have been recovered.
Korra Korrabes
This piece of Korra Korrabes measures 3 cm at its widest point. Photo: CMS/ASU.