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Buseck Center for Meteorite Studies

NWA 7611

Northwest Africa 7611 (NWA 7611) is a lunar meteorite found near the Algeria-Morocco border in May, 2012.

According to the Meteoritical Bulletin (MB 102), the stone shows:

…no fusion crust, smooth exterior with numerous light- and dark-colored clasts, saw cuts reveal brecciated texture with white feldspar and green-brown pyroxene and olivine grains (up to 3 mm) set in a darker gray-green matrix; scattered gabbroic and dark clasts up to 1 cm.

Classified as a mingled breccia lunar achondrite, NWA 7611 contains high bulk Sc and FeO, with the presence of fayalitic olivine suggesting a mare basalt component.

In total, 916 g (~2 lb) of NWA 7611 were recovered, with the main mass of 311 g (~0.7 lb) residing in the ASU Center for Meteorite Studies thanks to a generous donation in 2014.

Read about the meteorite's donation to the Center, here!


NWA 7611