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Parnallee is an ordinary (LL3.6) chondrite that fell February 28th, 1857, in Tamil Nadu, India.

Parnallee is a low-iron, low metal (LL) chondrite exhibiting abundant chondrules, un-equilibrated mineral assemblages, and a low degree of aqueous alteration.

Over 77 kilograms of the Parnallee meteorite have been recovered to date.  The overwhelming majority of meteorites recovered in India have been witnessed falls (vs finds).

Photo: Chondrule from Parnallee, viewed in thin section under crossed polarized light. Photo by L. Garvie and © ASU/CMS/

Chondrule (< 1 cm diameter) from Parnallee, viewed under crossed polarized light. Photo copyright CMS/ASU.