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January's Meteorite of the Month is Tishomingo, an ungrouped iron meteorite found in Johnston County, Oklahoma.

14-year-old Glenn Orr literally stumbled over the meteorite in January of 1965, while bird hunting near the town of Tishomingo. Oscar E. Monnig presented the Tishomingo discovery details at the 28th Annual Meeting of the Meteoritical Society, in 1967:

His excavation revealed not one, but two, iron meteorites immediately beneath the surface and in juxtaposition. Unverified weights have been reported as 360 and 214 pounds. Subsequent digging in the "hole" two months later found two smaller pieces of  5-1/2 pounds and 2 pounds, 6 ounces.

A probable fit of the two larger pieces can be made along a concavity where each piece is thinner. The two smaller pieces clearly fit together. There are ways the two pairs could be put together. The case is an interesting one of meteorites which either separated before or immediately upon impact, or have oxidized apart since fall.

Oscar E. Monnig (1967) The Discovery of the Tishomingo, Oklahoma, Siderites. Meteoritics 3, 120.

Tishomingo meteorite

Image: Buckwald, V.~F., Handbook of iron meteorites. Their history, distribution, composition and structure. University of California Press (1975)
In total, 260 kg (573 lb) of the Tishomingo iron meteorite were recovered.