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Buseck Center for Meteorite Studies


Ucera is an ordinary (H5) chondrite that fell the evening of January 16, 1970, near Coro, Venezuela.

Originally reported as a potential iron meteorite, under the name Coro, the Ucera meteorite classification was corrected and updated in 1971 (MB 50):

"A crusted stone was recovered by a farmer in Ucera, the specimen having fallen near his house. The police from Coro, the administrative center of the State of Falcon, obtained the specimen and reported that its fall had been accompanied by a fireball and explosion. A cursory search of the immediate area by the police did not produce other fragments."

Only one specimen was recovered, with a mass of 4.59 kg (10 lb).

Photo © ASU Center for Meteorite Studies: This piece of Ucera measures approximately 7 cm at its widest point.