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Buseck Center for Meteorite Studies


Note: While we usually feature a meteorite that's fallen in the current month, our Curator, Dr. Laurence Garvie, liked this photo so much that we decided to share it now, rather than waiting. Lissa is an ordinary (L6) chondrite that fell at 3:30PM on September 3, 1808, in what is now the Czech Republic, near […]

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Dhajala is an ordinary chondrite (H3.8) that fell in Sayla Taluka, India.  According to the Meteoritical Bulletin (MB55), at roughly 8:40pm on January 28, 1976, a very bright fireball was observed near Dhajala.  The fireball was significantly brighter than the full moon that night, and made a hissing sound.  Detonations were also heard, and the […]

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