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Earth and Space Exploration Day - Oct 13

Earth and Space Exploration Day is Saturday, Oct 13 from 10AM to 3PM! Visit the Meteorite Gallery and hold a rock from space Discover interactive exhibits in the Gallery of Scientific Exploration Take in a 3-D astronomy show in the Marston Exploration Theater See a replica of the Curiosity Mars Rover So much more! Click […]

New Discoveries Lecture: Exploring the Solar System through Meteorites - Oct 4

Join ASU's School of Earth and Space Exploration for Center for Meteorite Studies Director Meenakshi Wadhwa's upcoming New Discoveries lecture "Exploring the Solar System through Meteorites"! In recent years, the exploration of our Solar System has been greatly enabled by ever more sophisticated robotic spacecraft that have been sent to a variety of destinations such […]

Earth & Space Open House - Sep 21

Join the Center for Meteorite Studies and School of Earth and Space Exploration for the next spring ASU Earth & Space Open House!   Friday, September 21, from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM on the ASU Tempe Campus   Open House: Visit the Meteorite Gallery on the second floor of ISTB4, and touch real meteorites! […]

What happens to a Martian meteorite left in the Arizona desert?

In 2013, two small fragments of the Tissint Martian meteorite were "planted" in Arizona's Sonoran Desert in order to deliberately expose them to terrestrial desert weathering. The first piece was recovered for analysis after 12 months of exposure, and the remaining fragment  in 2016 (read about Tissint's recovery from the Arizona desert here). During their […]

First recorded meteorite fall in the Valley

July 27th marks the first observed meteorite fall in Arizona's Valley of the Sun!  While multiple Valley residents reported fireball sightings to the American Meteor Society that evening, Center for Meteorite Studies Curator Professor Laurence Garvie speculates that many additional witnesses likely mistook the meteorite's entry into Earth's atmosphere for monsoon lightning. So far, only […]

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