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The Buseck Center for Meteorite Studies (est. 1961) is one of Arizona State University’s first-established research institutes. Our mission is to create and share new knowledge in the field of meteoritics and allied disciplines through: 1. Cutting-edge research on understanding the origin of our Solar System and planets, including the pathways to forming habitable worlds. 2. Curation and distribution of one of the finest meteorite collections in the world. 3. Broad dissemination of the latest scientific results and education at local, national and global scales.


CMS60: The oldest sedimentary rock in the Solar System is a meteorite

In 2017, Center Meteorite Curator Dr. Laurence Garvie published a ground-breaking paper in the journal Icarus. Co-authored with former Center Assistant Director and astrophysicist Dr. Melissa Morris and School of Earth and Space Exploration Professor (now Emeritus) and sedimentologist Dr. Paul Knauth, the paper (Sedimentary laminations in the Isheyevo (CH/CBb) carbonaceous chondrite formed by gentle […]

Now accepting applications for Nininger Meteorite Award

The Center for Meteorite Studies at Arizona State University is pleased to announce the application opportunity for the 2021-22 Nininger Meteorite Award for undergraduate and graduate students pursuing research in meteoritical sciences!   The Nininger Meteorite Award recognizes outstanding student achievement in the meteoritical sciences as embodied by an original research paper.  Papers must cover […]

The Center congratulates Dr. Soumya Ray!

The Center for Meteorite Studies congratulates Dr. Soumya Ray, who succesfully defended her doctoral dissertation August 24th! A combined investigation of iron and silicon isotopes in meteorites: Implications for planetary accretion and differentiation Meteorites provide us with an opportunity to reconstruct the history of our Solar System. Differentiated meteorites, also called achondrites, are the result […]

Want more meteorites?

Check out our new interactive meteorite page! See high-resolution images of meteorites in our collection. Read about the circumstances of particular meteorite falls and finds in our collection. Learn about the origins and characteristics of different meteorite classes. Click here to begin your journey through the ASU Center for Meteorite Studies collection!