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Greetings from Australia!

This April, Center post-doctoral scholar Julia Cartwright traveled to Canberra to analyze an ungrouped achondrite meteorite with Dr. Yuri Amelin, a Senior Fellow at The Australian National University. 

Julia chemistry at ANUJulia in the ANU clean lab with chemistry in the background, including columns set up in the laminar flow hood. Photo: Julia Cartwright.

Julia at ANUJulia and Dr. Yuri Amelin perform the last chemistry steps in the lab before running samples on the Thermal Ionization Mass Spectrometer (TIMS). Photo: Julia Cartwright.

Kangaroos near CanberraEastern Grey Kangaroos live in the wild around Canberra.  They come down from the moutains at dawn and dusk to graze in the pastures.  Photo: Julia Cartwright.