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CMS 50th Anniversary Celebration Video!

Since 1961, the Arizona State University Center for Meteorite Studies has amassed and preserved the world’s largest university-based collection of meteorites to enable research in planetary science and cosmochemistry, and to inspire students, educators, and the general public to learn about the Solar System and our place in it.

The Center recently marked our 50th Anniversary with a symposium entitled Meteoritics and Cosmochemistry:  Past, Present and Future.  The symposium featured world-renowned invited speakers, including Gerald Wasserburg (California Institute of Technology), Donald Burnett (California Institute of Technology), Andrew Davis (University of Chicago), Caroline Smith (The Natural History Museum, London), Philip Christensen (Arizona State University), and Timothy McCoy (Smithsonian Institute).

You can watch the Symposium Introduction, presented by Kip Hodges (Director, ASU School of Earth & Space Exploration), Meenakshi Wadhwa (Director, ASU Center for Meteorite Studies) and Carleton Moore (Founding Director, ASU Center for Meteorite Studies) below!

Read more about the Center for Meteorite Studies’ 50 year history here.