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Meet the New CMS Assistant Director!

18 Jun 2012

The ASU Center for Meteorite Studies welcomes Dr. Melissa Morris, our new Assistant Director!

Dr. Morris’s research focuses on star and planet formation, in particular the use of astrophysical modeling to determine conditions during the birth of planetary systems.  Her specific interests include hydrodynamic modeling (including radiative transfer) of protoplanetary disks and disk processes during planet formation, mainly through the application of mineralogical data of planetary materials.  The oldest known material in our own planetary system can be found in meteorites and, by combining meteoritic data and the results of astrophysical modeling, Dr. Morris endeavors to further our understanding of the conditions that existed in the early solar nebula and exist in extrasolar disks today.

New Assistant Director, Dr. Melissa Morris

Dr. Morris is a past Goldwater Scholar and was one of the first Exploration Postdoctoral Fellows in the School of Earth & Space Exploration at Arizona State University.  Dr. Morris has been a visiting assistant professor in the Physics and Materials Science Department at Missouri State University, as well as a lecturer in the School of Earth & Space Exploration here at ASU.  She is an active member of the Meteoritical Society.