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Buseck Center for Meteorite Studies

Announcing the 2021-22 Nininger Meteorite Awardees

Nininger Meteorite Awardee Zoë Wilbur.

The ASU Center for Meteorite Studies is pleased to announce that Zoë Wilbur, a Ph.D. Candidate at the University of Arizona is the recipient of the 2021-22 Nininger Meteorite Award, and Cauê Borlina, a Blaustein Postdoctoral Fellow at Johns Hopkins University received an Honorable Mention for the award.

The Nininger Meteorite Award recognizes outstanding student achievement in the meteoritical sciences, as embodied by an original research paper.


Zoë’s paper “The effects of highly reduced magmatism revealed through aubrites” investigates the petrogenesis of aubrite meteorites and assesses their relevance as analogues to the planet Mercury.

Cauê Borlina, Nininger Meteorite Award Honorable Mention.

Cauê's paper "Paleomagnetic measurements of chondrules suggest that a gap existed in the early solar system" presents novel micro-paleomagnetic records from chondrules that formed in the carbonaceous reservoir.

Read more about the award, and this year's recipients' research, here!