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Center student wins Summer Exploration Graduate Fellowship

Congratulations to Center for Meteorite Studies Ph. D. student Soumya Ray, who has been awarded a Summer Exploration Graduate (SEG) Fellowship!

Soumya RayThe SEG Fellowship Program encourages and supports summer exploration activities by graduate students  in all of the research areas within the School of Earth and Space Exploration. The SEG Fellowship Program seeks creative and innovative ideas from graduate students to augment, improve or complement their on-going research efforts via a new exploration-based activity.

Soumya's research in the Center involves measuring the Fe isotope fractionation in achondrite meteorites, as well as analyzing their Si isotope composition, in the ultra clean Isotope Cosmochemistry and Geochronology Laboratory. Her Fe isotope work on aubrites, in particular, has provided new insight into the formation of metal nodules in these unique meteorites.

She recently presented her work at the 49th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, held in Houston, Texas:

Scrutinizing Six Silicide-Bearing Samples of Metal from the Norton County Aubrite
L. A. J. Garvie, S. Ray, M. Wadhwa, A. Wittmann, K. Domanik