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Buseck Center for Meteorite Studies


Sena is an ordinary (H4) chondrite that fell November 17, 1773, near Sarinena, Spain. The meteorite was later analyzed by the French chemist J. L. Proust, who may have been the first to recommend cold deserts, such as polar regions, for meteorite recovery.  He determined this in 1805, based on the iron-nickel inclusions in Sena […]

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Zagami is a martian meteorite that fell near Katsina, Nigeria the afternoon of October 3, 1962. The meteorite’s impact startled a local farmer, as the stone embedded itself in his cornfield, a short 10 feet from where he was standing! With 18 kg recovered, Zagami is the largest martian meteorite on record. Zagami is classified […]

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