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Buseck Center for Meteorite Studies

Meteorite postcard from the Montshire Museum

Established in 2016 by ASU Buseck Center for Meteorite Studies Assistant Emeritus Research Professor Amy Jurewicz in collaboration with the Montshire Museum of Science, in Norwich, Vermont, the Montshire meteorite outreach program uses touchable meteorites and hands-on activities to teach school-aged children the physical properties of meteorites as well as their origins and importance to […]

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October’s Meteorite of the Month is Bilanga, an achondrite meteorite (meaning that it formed on a differentiated planetary body, and does not contain chondrules) that fell in Burkina Faso, October 27 of 1999. According to the Meteoritical Bulletin (MB84): After a widely witnessed shower, at least 25 kg of meteorites with fresh black fusion crust […]

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Meteorites at Camp SESE 2023

Camp SESE provides incoming School of Earth and Space Exploration first-year students an introduction to ASU and the School of Earth and Space Exploration family – including the Buseck Center for Meteorite Studies! This year, Center members Sam Campbell (Space Grant Intern), Imène Kerraouch (Postdoctoral Research Scholar) and Eric Orson (Undergraduate Student) had incoming SESE students join […]

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