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Buseck Center for Meteorite Studies

Norton County

Norton County fell February 18th of 1948, on the Kansas/Nebraska border. Norton County is a rare type of meteorite called an aubrite, which is an enstatite achondrite. Aubrites are dominated by enstatite – a pyroxene mineral containing Mg, Si, and O. This mineral is white in Norton County, as opposed to the more normal green […]

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Camel Donga

Camel Donga is an achondrite found on the Nullarbor Plain of Western Australia in 1984.  The word “donga” is a term for “campsite” in Australia. Camel Donga is a eucrite (monomict breccia), part of the HED group of meteorites (Howardites-Eucrites-Diogenites).  These meteorites are believed to originate from the cooling of magma on the surface of […]

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Talampaya is an achondrite that fell in Argentina, in 1995. According to the Meteoritical Bulletin (MB 83):  Stories circulating among meteorite dealers tell of a meteorite that fell in Argentina, producing a sonic boom that scared a mountain climber. The climber eventually found the meteorite somewhere down range. The location of the fall may have […]

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